Mecapinta - Plating metal with High Quality

Mecapinta Oy has served its customers by plating metals since 1994. The company is in a private possession and it has good readiness to respond to the customers' needs flexibly as a family business.

The competitive advantages of Mecapinta Oy are the wide coating selection, the high product quality and the quick deliveries with agreed schedules. The ambitious objective of the company is to get to be the leading surface handler in Finland without haggling over the quality.

Mecapinta Oy operates in Nivala so the delivery trips are optimal to our country everywhere throughout Finland. The cities of Vaasa and Oulu are 220 and 150 kilometres away respectively. Our transports work excellently for all directions.

"We are committed to continuously improve our operation and we want to offer trustworthy partnership for the customers. Our staff works continuously for finding the ultimate solutions for our customers' needs."


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Juha Vähäsöyrinki

+358 40 7195 458


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