Our invoicing address is changing

Our invoicing address has been changed 1.8.2019.
Please update this new data found below into your customer database.

Business ID (Finland)                                        2332791-1
VAT identification number (Global)               FI2332791-1
E-invoicing address (Finland)                         003723327911
E-invoicing service provider (Finland)          OpusCapita Solutions Oy
E-invoicing service provider ID (Finland)     E204503
Email invoicing address (Global)    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We strive to do our part in promoting e-invoicing and we would appreciate
receiving your bills electronically whenever possible.

Paper bills should be sent to the following address:

Mecapinta Oy
PL 81048

Please note that this billing address is only for invoices.
The address for letters, newsletters and marketing materials remains unchanged.

Best regards,
Mecapinta Oy

Tightly on surface over 25 years!

 For Mecapinta Oy, 2019 is the anniversary year - this year marks 25 years since the company was founded. Over the years, Mecapinta has expanded its versatile coating portfolio to maintain a better customer service.

We have developed and diversified our activities for a clear purpose to efficiently provide metal plating service without sacrificing the quality.



Our new manganese phosphating coating line is in use

Now we can offer our customers even more coating possibilities. We have new half-automatic coating line in manganese phosphating. Mangenese phosphate is a chemical treatment for steel and it gives
crystalline conversion coating for the objects surface. Manganese phosphate coatings provides corrosion and abrasion protection.

Use of manganese phosphate are in projects that require sliding of parts, such as automotive engines and transmission systems.
Manganese phosphate applications include the production of bearings, bushings, fasteners, military technology and other common industrial products.

We can also offer pre-treatments before coating.


Our E-INVOICE information

Mecapinta Ltd. 2332791-1



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